Registered Dietitian Nutritionist | Food and Nutrition Consultant

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist | Food and Nutrition Consultant

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The chives have arrived! Easy Parmesan Red Potatoes

Portion Of Cut Chives

Spring is officially here and chives have arrived!  Chives are a native herb resembling hollow blades of grass and are the smallest member of the onion family. Like their relatives the onions and garlic, they contain the same volatile, sulfur-containing oil, which gives them their signature flavor and smell. However, their flavor tends to be more mild and subtle than onions or garlic, making them easy to incorporate into many … Read More →

A perfect Quiche for Easter Brunch!
{Why breakfast is so important}

Easter table setting

Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day! A nutritious breakfast not only provides you the energy you need to tackle your day, eating breakfast also helps you maintain a healthy weight. Since I’ve been a dietitian, I’ve noticed that people who skip breakfast and eat most of their calories later in the day have the hardest time losing weight. Because of this association, I’ve become a proponent … Read More →

The Eggstraordinary Egg | Perfect Hard Boiled Egg Recipe

smiling easter eggs

Unfortunately, eggs got a bad rap many years back and this food myth just doesn’t seem to go away. But not only are eggs an inexpensive protein source, they are also much better for you than once thought. So let’s put this food myth to rest. First, eggs have less cholesterol than once thought. Second, eating cholesterol has far less effect on raising blood cholesterol levels than once thought. Third, … Read More →

Hobo Burgers for an Easy Spring Dinner

Two Hamburger On Wooden Cutting Board

Hobo burgers are a quick and easy, complete meal made in foil packets for easy clean up. This quick recipe can be baked in the oven or cooked right on the grill -making it a perfect dinner recipe for spring. The recipe can be varied using different meats and vegetables, but no matter how you make, it’s always a satisfying meal. Hobo Burgers   Print Author: A Nutritious Dish | … Read More →

Are you D-ficient? Why Vitamin D is so important!

Blackboard with the chemical formula of Vitamin D

Vitamin D, known as the sunshine vitamin, is vitally important for your health. Some of the many health benefits of Vitamin D include: • Protection against bone thinning, which is a common reason older adults are more vulnerable to bone fractures. • And protection from chronic diseases such as glucose intolerance, diabetes, high blood pressure and multiple sclerosis. Although research has yet to determine the exact way that vitamin D … Read More →