Registered Dietitian Nutritionist | Food and Nutrition Consultant

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist | Food and Nutrition Consultant

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How to Microwave Sweet Corn: Corn Nutrition
Corn and Bean Salad Recipe

sweet corn on wooden table

Is Sweet Corn Gluten-free? Sweet corn is abundantly available this time of year and can make a budget-friendly nutritious addition to summer meals. The sweet, juicy kernels are gluten-free and are rich in fiber, folate and antioxidants. One ear of sweet corn only provides about 100 calories. Sweet corn is higher in sugar than field corn and is picked while still immature and in its milk stage. Interestingly, each ear … Read More →

7 “Most Wanted” Nutrients for 2016

Pretty young woman cooking vitamins and minerals

We all know getting proper nutrition is important, but figuring out what to focus on can be confusing – should you worry about iron?  Carbs?  Vitamin D?  Saturated fats?  Cholesterol?  Healthy Fats? or what? So to keep things simple, we’re going to look at the “big seven” – the nutrients that according to the USDA, tend to be lacking in most American diets. Potassium is an important mineral, which helps … Read More →

Pumpkin Seeds Make You Feel Good!
{Roasted Pumpkin Seed Recipe}

Close Up Of Healthy Pumpkin Seeds And Pumpkin Against Colorful Autumn Accents

Fall is in the air, and  if your like me, chances are you have already ordered in some Celestial Seasonings Sweet Harvest Pumpkin Black Tea to help you enjoy the now-chilly evenings. I know I will be drinking this tea from now until about Christmas time. Anyways, it’s Fall, and it’s time to talk about roasted pumpkin seed recipes and pumpkin seed nutrition, so here we go: The United States … Read More →

You Say Tomatoes? How to easily peel a fresh tomato {How to freeze extra tomatoes}

Heirloom tomatoes

How to buy and how to store fresh tomatoes There are many varieties of tomatoes on the market today, from large, juicy varieties great for cooking or slicing, to tiny cherry or grape varieties that are perfect for salad toppings. There are also many colors to choose from with historic heirloom tomatoes on the rise at many markets. When choosing tomatoes pick ones with bright color that are free of … Read More →

Squash Nutrition: Apple stuffed Acorn Squash
{Favorite Fall Recipe}

Acorn Squash Fall Photo

Acorn squash are a type of winter squash that are named for their shape, which is like an acorn. Acorn squash come in a variety of colors including green, orange, white and a variegated green color. When choosing squash, look for a hard tough rind with the stem still attached. Avoid those with cuts, soft spots or any sign of mold. Acorn squash can keep for up to three months … Read More →