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Welcome to A Nutritious dish. I am so glad you are here!  As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I look forward to providing you scientifically sound food and nutrition information to help save you money and optimize your health. There are so many gimmicks out there with no scientific basis and my goal is to provide you with clear information on food and nutrition topics, so you can make WISE decisions on how to optimize your health.

The bottom line is that health really comes down to what Hippocrates said many moons ago…Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food! So let me show you how to enjoy your medicine and optimize your health by providing you with these resources:

  • MyBlog – here you will find timely topics on food and nutrition along with great tasting recipes. After all, it is only nutrition if you eat it! Be sure to sign up for my weekly blog so you don’t miss a thing!
  • MyCookbook – you will definitely want to have a copy of my original cookbook, Jenny’s Country Kitchen…recipes for making homemade a little easier! This book will teach you how to incorporate time-saving tips into your daily kitchen routine so that you can feed your family easier.
  • MyStore – this is where you can order professional-grade supplements only available through licensed healthcare professionals. You can be sure that these supplements are registered dietitian approved and are bio-available, safe and actually work to improve your nutrition status. In fact they have been reviewed by a complete medical board, including Dr. Mark Hyman!
  • MyServices – this is where you can order personal nutrition consultation time and some vitally important nutritional tests that can help you optimize your health. My integrative and functional medicine testing services include nutrigenomic testing, micronutrient testing and  comprehensive food intolerance testing.